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Black Nature Narratives

Black Nature Narratives Black Nature Narratives explores black perspectives on issues relating to the natural world and our relationship with nature. My name is Beth Collier, I'm a Nature based Psychotherapist and Anthropologist, teaching woodland living skills and natural history. I'm Director of Wild in the City, a London based non-profit supporting well-being through relationship

Truly Enchanted by Ava Tutsi

 Other places to find Truly Enchanted Website Stitcher itunes Truly Enchanting is a show about how to gain success and handle life’s struggles. It is here to inspire, motivate and propel personal growth. Ava Tutsi covers hustling, career growth, finances, love and the intersection of things that affect young modern Africans with help from

2 Pesewas

Website Facebook Twitter 2 Pesewas is a weekly podcast hosted by Edi and Peaches. Broadcasting from DS Media in Tema, Ghana, the ladies discuss a range of issues from lowbrow to high: Hot button headlines, music to love and discover, and things that make you say WTF?! Each episode ends with a segment called “2

Dopamine Podcast

Dopamine Podcast on Libsyn Dopamine Podcast on Stitcher Dopamine Podcast on Twitter Dopmaine Podcast on Facebook Dopamine is a podcast featuring four girlfriends; Judith Otala, Gloria Nanfuka, Liz Karungi and Linda Mwesigwa, creating a space and an opportunity to talk about things that matter to them. Created by Judith Otala. Produced by 8 Media UgandaPodcast

First Person

  Award-winning journalist and author, Marianne Thamm uncovers some of the extraordinary stories that lurk behind some of the most ordinary-looking South African front doors. Marianne asks questions, takes issue and peels back some of those ordinary layers to reveal the extraordinary lives underneath. She gets them to talk in the First Person. *First Person,

Punishment Island

Listen On Apple Podcasts There are things we don’t speak of in Kampala, that’s why the city always ruins the naive and innocent. After an encounter that shows her the darker side of the city; Naka, a socially anxious lay-about, shares her story and those of others from around Uganda. Episodes available every fortnight. Written

Conversations About Nothing

Follow on Twitter Tuli holds conversations about nothing with a rotating crew of individuals from all spheres of life. Trying to keep the balance between white bread conversations and substantive discussions,aiming to give you something to enjoy always. Released biweekly.Podcast URL Name0tf7a

Africa & The Box

Follow On Twitter This Is A Platform That Creates Dialogue Highlighting A Rigid African Mindset Affecting The Development Of Africa As A Modern Society.Podcast URL Name0tf7a