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Finance For Hippies

Finance for Hippies is a fun podcast for artists, creatives and designers wanting to improve their financial literacy and make better decisions about their money.The show is hosted by Ndarkie & TeethSwag – 2 ambitious struggle rappers who are basically using this platform to find a fun way to discuss money so that they can

In Studio With Sharon Obuobi

In Studio with Sharon Obuobi is a weekly series about the stories of art makers, curators and influencers who inspire thoughtful perspectives on the world around us. The studio is a broad term referring to the artist working space, and the mental space for making and creating. Each episode is designed to stimulate open-minded conversation,

Nipe Story

Nipe Story (Tell Me A Story) is a fortnightly Kenyan podcast that gives a voice to written short stories. The podcast is hosted by Kevin Mwachiro.Podcast URL Name0tf7a

The Spoken World Podcast

The Spoken World Podcast is a platform for creative writers and performance poets to express themselves in rhymes, stanzas and chapters. Every Thursday a new creative from any part of the world talks about their heartfelt pieces, experiences and inspiration. And maybe we can learn that it’s okay to live your dreams. Hosted by Huwa.Podcast