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3 Shots Of Tequila

The #3ShotsOfTequila Podcast is a fun and light hearted podcast about any and everything underneath the sun. From sex and relationships to religion and current affairs. Nothing is off limits. We are just 3 men who tell it as it as… Hosted by Marvin Abbey, Keith Dube, and Tazer Black.Podcast URL Name0tf7a

Excuse My African

“Life through the eyes of a misrepresented and misunderstood African Girl Abroad” – This is a weekly podcast hosted by Stella Damasus, an award winning Actress and Entrepreneur. Through this platform, she will share her experiences and challenges, as well as her thoughts on different topics; ranging from Politics to Religion, Sex, Business, Entertainment, Human

Chicken & Jollof Rice (CNJR) Show

The Chicken & Jollof Rice Show is a podcast featuring four first-generation African-Americans and their perspectives on current events, pop culture and the dichotomy of their “bi-cultural” upbringings. We take both humorous and serious slants on a bevy of topics, giving alternate perspective to the issues of the day. We hope you enjoy!Podcast URL Name0tf7a

African Album Review

An album review analysis platform centred around the African music industry. The host MJ Wemoto dissects projects from different parts of Africa and gives recommendations on projects you should be listening to. Website: Spotify: Apple podcasts: Google Play Music: URL Name0tf7a

Nipe Story

Nipe Story (Tell Me A Story) is a fortnightly Kenyan podcast that gives a voice to written short stories. The podcast is hosted by Kevin Mwachiro.Podcast URL Name0tf7a

Umbani Radio Home Away Show is a radio show broadcast live in Umbani Radio Saturday 8am est. in Danbury Ct USA. The show also broadcast on Nongoma FM 88.3 in South Africa every Thursday 1900 to 1930 South African time. Hosts: Kuli, Mbali, Ntate and Dj Bhushu and they all from South Africa. We post a