2 Pesewas

Website Facebook Twitter 2 Pesewas is a weekly podcast hosted by Edi and Peaches. Broadcasting from DS Media in Tema, Ghana, the ladies discuss a range of issues from lowbrow to high: Hot button headlines, music to love and discover, and things that make you say WTF?! Each episode ends with a segment called “2

Padre Dolphyne

Padre Dolphyne website Padre Dolphyne on Anchor Padre Dolphyne on Twitter Padre Dolphyne on Facebook It’s a religious podcast service that produces under minutes homilies or shot reflections to you meet the brand new day head on. Podcasts are released everyday.Podcast URLhttp://-Author Name0tf7a

In Studio With Sharon Obuobi

In Studio with Sharon Obuobi is a weekly series about the stories of art makers, curators and influencers who inspire thoughtful perspectives on the world around us. The studio is a broad term referring to the artist working space, and the mental space for making and creating. Each episode is designed to stimulate open-minded conversation,