Tings And Things Podcast

We are lifelong friends originally from Zimbabwe but have lived all over the world including the US, South Africa Kenya and Ethiopia. Through our travel and adventures we encountered struggles that we were not unique to us. Many of our peers share similar stories with us. We found a black hole of sorts where the issues/topics we were going through were not being discussed by traditional media outlets and we decided to start the podcast. One of the main reasons we started this podcast is that growing up, we didn’t have a media platform that showcased and uplifted Africans in certain fields. Our parents were always looking at “the uncle who is a doctor” or your aunt that is an engineer.” We want to break the mould and show can we can be leaders in fashion, art and music. Our platform is here to showcase and celebrate many young Africans around the world that are movers and shakers in their relevant industries. From people in fashion, to musicians to unconventional entrepreneurs. The podcast is here to empower our peers and those coming behind us, but also to be entertaining, fun and relevant. Furthermore it is full of some great conversation hosted by Jonathan Mbaya and Simba Tsumba. Topics will include toxic relationships, navigating the perils of social media and taking control of one’s mental health. We release episodes every Thursday.
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